Greg Grunberg Joins the new Star Wars Trilogy and His Character Possibly Revealed has been reporting information about Greg Grunberg signing on for all 3 of the new Star Wars trilogy. Most of the information coming from Grunberg himself stating that he has a contract for all 3, he shot in London for 7 weeks, and shot most of his scenes in a cockpit. The information when first released wasn’t very clear and assumed that the cockpit was that of the Millenium Falcon. That was recently sorted out and we now know that it is actually a cockpit of an X-Wing     . starwars7news also posted a picture of Grunberg in uniform here:

Most people may not know Grunberg, but he’s known for his television roles like in Heroes. That’s what I’ve mostly seen him in. I did like him in Heroes but I also haven’t seen enough of him to form a better opinion of him as an actor. As for the picture, I mean he looks great in uniform, he looks like an X-Wing pilot for sure. My guess is that he’s going to be a good friend of Oscar Isaacs character Poe Dameron who is also an X-Wing pilot. Other than that I like his addition. I’m surprised he wasn’t announced sooner, but his role may not be important enough in this film so we’ll see. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Release: December 18, 2015



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