Star Wars Rumor: Michelle MacLaren in Talks for a Version of Underworld

star wars

In the mid 2000’s, George Lucas had been planning for a TV series based on his Star Wars franchise called Star Wars: Underworld. It was to be a series based on the underworld of the Star Wars universe, including bounty hunters, pirates, and your basic scum of the universe. The project never came to be when the budget inflated well above what the initial estimates were. Most blame was on Lucas for wanting more speeder bike chases or special effects that just cost too much. The project as I said just never came to be, however they had 100 episodes planned and around 50 scripts written. I would think that now being owned by Disney, they would take the opportunity to continue on with the plans of the series.


Recently famed Television director Michelle Maclaren had been rumored for the job of the second Anthology film, supposedly about Boba Fett and Han Solo to some extent. She also recently left the Warner Bros Wonder Woman project. Her TV credits range from Breaking Bad and X-Files and is an Emmy winning director. She is a fantastic director and would be a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I have an inside source, stating that this may just be a rumor but possibly quite a bit of truth in that she is actually in fact being talked to about Star Wars: Underworld. Whether the name will be kept the same or if the same scripts are used, my source states that this project is in fact what everyone else believes the anthology film is rumored to be. It would focus on the underworld but will have characters like Boba Fett (possibly the lead) and Han Solo. This would make more sense with her being as good a television director she is and would explain some of the rumors that have been tossed around about a Boba Fett movie. Again this is just a rumor but my source does believe quite a bit of validity to it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this series instead of a whole anthology film.


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