Spielberg, Trevorrow, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars. Possible Huge RUMOR. 

A few days ago a source informed me of Michelle MacLaren being in talks for a Star Wars: Underworld show of some sort. That same source recently informed me of a possible conversation from a few days ago between members of Disney and Lucasfilm. They state that with the success of Jurassic World, Disney is trying to get Colin Trevorrow on board for either Indiana Jones or a Star Wars Anthology film. The conversation also talked about Spielberg either directing the next Indiana Jones film, rebooting it for Trevorrow to take over or Trevorrow will reboot while Spielberg directs Star Wars Episode 9, or an Anthology film. Basically Trevorrow and Spielberg will be working on Indiana Jones or Star Wars if this rumor is true. Realistically it makes sense based on the success of Jurassic World and Spielberg’s involvement with Disney for the first time next year with his new film The BFG. Again this is just a rumor. Recently talks of an Indiana Jones film were shot down as not currently happening, however I do believe talks of these two directors would be a first step. 


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